Breastfeeding and Work Let's Make It Work

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WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life of the babies.

What employers can do :
Respect national laws on paid maternity leave.
Provide place and time to express (pump) milk.
Provide options for mothers: on-site child care.
Flexible work schedules.
Part-time work.
Let mothers bring their babies to work.

Breastfeeding support in the workplace save businesses money

Comments for this :

  • Breast Milk is THE BEST WHOLE FOOD for the baby, lets promote and support it
  • Mother's milk is just not nutrition,this message promotes breast feeding if conveyed to mothers! more intelligence,less allergy,chronic and acute illness,better social and healthy person all thro life!
  • Exclusive breastfeeding can prevent child from RTI and diarrhoea . so lait us promote it.
  • Breastfeeding is the naturally first and most immunaisation of child which is his fundamental rite.
  • It is not fair to post third world countries of women breast feeding. They do not have a choice. I promote breastfeeding but it is a very personal choice.
  • This really should be for all for mothers. Coming from one who spent time waking up every 2 hours even though my newborn would sleep 4 to pump to try and get my supply up. I even spent hundreds of dollars of supplements and such and never could get it up enough to satisfy her. I'm tired of hearing all the negative about mothers who don't breastfeed. Some just can't. My body had to produce more blood for me since I lost a lot in my csection. Don't judge a mommy when you don't know her story. Cause I can assure you, she also only wants what is best for her baby.
  • In nepal maternity leave is just for 2 months... which do not allow working women like me for exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months.. i wish we too hv 6 months paid maternity leave here...
  • The best nutrition for baby....nd has no alternative for it......jst love ur point of view for breastfed moms..
  • All on board with breast milk to maximize a child's immune system, but there are some hurdles. Child safety, liability and responsibility for one. Fathers. Grandparents. Guardians. All must be included. Not just mothers bringing children to work. When does a child stop being a baby? I've seen and heard of mothers breast feeding until a child is five. It's a can of worms we need to address. SPCA is a strong lobby and some people consider their pets as babies and children. Should we have petting zoos in the workplace to keep the kids occupied? Isn't there a tree somewhere with an endangered species living in it that needs attention!?! Sorry for the sarcasm. Just playing Devil's advocate. I'm all for women breast feeding in public.
  • The best for mum and baby.
  • Now a days , most of the ladies are very conscious abt their breast shape..sometimes their partners force to be careful abt that.. Thats y ladies stop breastfeeding and As a result, their children cant hv proper breast milk and nutrition ,afterwards they suffer from weak immune system..

What law makers can do :
Ensure a minimum of 4 moths paid maternity leave.
Require employers to provide places and protected time for mothers to express (pump) milk at work.
Prevent discrimination againts women and mothers in the workplace.

Breastfeeding support at work helps build a healthy society

Comments for this :

  • breastfeeding is important for the child, mother and even the community.
  • i also work in healthcare had to go back to work leaving home a 2 mth old baby home,how can i then health educate other mothers on exclusive breastfeeding
  • WHO and ILO need to ask for 6 months as a minimum. OK, it seems impractical in the work worlds as it's currently structured, but it's what the science says is necessary, and we all know that bottles are being introduced before the due return to work, so 4 months means three EBF at best , 6 months means five. This policy pays for itself in reduced healthcare costs.
World  Helth Organization. 
International Labour Organization

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