Materi Tes Bahasa Inggris (TBI) Bagian II

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Subjunctive digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu keinginan atau keadaan yang tak terpenuhi atau untuk menyatakan situasi yang menunjukan bahwa pernyataan itu subjunctive yaitu: wish, if only, would rather, as if as, as though, suppose, would to god, it's thigh time.
Kata kerja yang digunakan dalam bentuk present adalah kata kerja ke-2, sedang to be yang digunakan adalah were untuk semua subjek.
1. I wish I knew his address now
= I am sorry I don't know his address now
2. I wish I were happy now
= I am sorry I am not happy now
Sedangkan wish+(that) subject past perfect digunakan untuk bentuk past.
1. I wish (that) I hadn't spent much money
= I was sorry I spent much money
2. I wish I had been rich
= I was sorry I wasn't rich
Contoh-contoh kalimat subjunctive
1. He is sitting quietly as if he were exhausted (lelah)
2. If only he had eaten many apples yesterday
3. Would to god she were a good wife
4. I would rather you came back now
5. Suppose I got there early
6. It's time you did your work
7. He laughs loudly as though nothing happened
8. I wish I could speak English well
Preference (pilihan)
Bentuk pilihan terdiri dari:
- prefer ... to ...
- like ... better than ...
- would rather ... rather than ...
1. I prefer apples to oranges
2. I like apples better than oranges
3. I would rather have apples rather than oranges
4. I would prefer tea rather than coffee
Jika pilihannya kata kerja:
1. I prefer dancing to singing
2. I like dancing better than singing
3. I would rather dance than sing
4. I would prefer to dance rather than sing


1. I'm planning to go to party tonight, but it's raining very hard now. I wish
A. it stops
B. it will stops
C. it has stopped
D. it would stop
Jawab : D
Karena harapannya diungkapkan untuk keterangan waktu tonight (nanti malam) maka kata kerja untuk subjunctive adalah would.

2 She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean ...
A. She actually can't solve the problem
B. She ought to know how to solve the problem
C. She definitely knew how is solve the problem
D. She should know how to solve the problem
Jawab : A
Pernyataan 'seolah-olah dia tahu (as if she knew) bagaimana menyelesaikan soal tersebut' jika dijadikan kenyataan menjadi 'sebenarnya dia tidak dapat menyelesaikan (can't solve) soal tersebut'

3. "I am sorry I don't know the answer, but I really wish I ..."
A. know
B. knew
C. will known
D. had
Jawab : B
Pernyataan di atas menggunakan present tense (I don't know) sehingga jika dijadikan subjunctive berubah menjad past tense (knew)

4. "If only his son had studied harder" means ...
A. His son did not study harder
B. His son had studied harder
C. His son will not study harder
D. His son never studies harder
Jawab : A
Kalimat pernyataantersebut menggunakan bentuk past perfect, sehingga kenyataannya menggunakan past tense

5. He saw the terrible accidents but when he was interrogated by the police he acted as if he ... it.
A. saw
B. didn't see
C. had not seen
D. has not seen
Jawab : C
Pernyataan tersebut menggunakan past tense sehingga kata kerja yang dibutuhkan untuk subjunctive adalah past perfect.

6. She would rather ... vegetables than flowers.
A. growing
B. grows
C. to grow
D. grow
Jawab : D
Setelah kata would rather selalu diikuti kata kerja infinitive

7. Bona: Can you help me to answer this question, Tony?
    Tony: I would rather you answered it yourself
The underlined sentences means that Bona ... the question herself.
A. answers
B. answered
C. did not answer
D. does not answer
Jawab : D
Pernyataaan subjunctive dengan kata kerja past tense (answered) jika diubah menjadi pernyataan maka kata kerjanya adalah present tense.

8. X: "Would you like to go to the beach?"
    Y: "No, not particularly"
I'd rather ... to the mountain resort.
A. had gone
B. would go
C. went
D. go
Jawab : D
Setelah kata would rather selalu diikuti kata kerja infinitive.

9. Azhar: "You look tired, Septa! Something wrong with you?"
   Septa: "Yes. I fell unwell: I wish I hadn't worked so hard"
The underlined sentence means Septa ... hard
A. works
B. worked
C. doesn't work
D. hadn't worked
Jawab : B
Pernyataan Septa berbentuk past perfect tense dengan bentuk negative sehingga jika dijadikan kenyataan berubah menjadi past tense dengan bentuk positif.

10. 'I wish my sister had mailed my letter yesterday', said John. From John's utterance we know that his sister ... it.
A. has mailed
B. had mailed
C. didn't mail
D. hadn't mailed
Jawab : C
Harapan kakak saya adalah mengirimkan surat (had mailed = Had+V3), maka kenyataannya sesungguhnya dia tidak mengirimkannya (didn't mailed=V2).

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